The Basic Science

CryoLogistics’ SnowSHIP™ combines the natural cooling power of liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), with high-efficiency vacuum insulation and proprietary heat exchange and digital control systems SnowSHIP™ ships temperature-sensitive products between -30°C and +8°C at +/- 0.5°C of set point, outperforming all other temperature control shipping devices. Unlike conventional reefers, SnowSHIP™ has no moving parts, emits zero noise, NOx or particulate matter and has a net-zero carbon footprint. 

CO2 vs. Diesel Comparison

The transportation sector accounts for ~14 percent of the world’s total GHG emissions. Each conventional reefer emits ~3.2 metric tonnes of GHGs every year. Companies are striving to lower their emissions but have limited options to do so. SnowSHIP™ is a green solution that supports your corporate objective to lower your carbon footprint. 

The Power of Natural Refrigerants

Carbon dioxide is a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable substance with an ozone depletion potential of zero and a global warming potential (GWP) of 1. Compared to synthetic refrigerant GWPs which range from 675 to 14,000.

SnowSHIP™ at a Glance

Complicated science that is easy to use. Click the video to see how the SnowSHIP™ works.