SnwoSHIP Unit 2020

Reinventing the Cold Chain

CryoLogistics has delivered the innovative SnowSHIP technology to ship your perishable goods with precise temperature control from source to destination. Our embedded IoT connectivity ensures that your goods are safe, secure and traceable throughout the supply chain. By using one of natures most abundant natural refrigerants, SnowSHIP will lower your company’s carbon footprint and position you as a climate friendly service provider.

See Us in Action

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Efficient. Reliable. Secure.

Temperature-sensitive shipments do not have to be complicated, costly or risky.

Reliable Control

temperature set points between -30°C and +15°C (±0.5°C) no moving parts = reliability & low maintenance

Low Emissions

- LCO2 reuse technology - net zero carbon footprint - zero NOx PM emissions or sound

Innovative Design

- rugged vacuum insulated pallet container - rechargeable intelligent battery cartridge - IoT enabled for real time traceability

A Greener Solution

LCO2 reuse technology net zero carbon footprint no VOC or particulate matter emissions

The Details

Designed in partnership with leading less-than-load (LTL) carriers, SnowSHIP™ is the first single pallet shipping solution that utilizes the cooling power of LCO2 to provide pin-point temperature control throughout the supply chain. SnowSHIP™ is the future of refrigerated transport.

Challenging the Status Quo through Innovation & Science

At CryoLogistics we take time to understand your business and work with you to achieve your corporate sustainability goals and objectives.

1. Charge with LCO2

2. Load your goods

3. Set the temperature

4. Send

5. Track & trace

6. Record trip report

Real-Time Tracking

Remotely monitor your shipment throughout the supply chain for location, load temperature, door openings and LCO2 consumption. 

Computer displaying CryoLogistics IoT Real-Time Tracking

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