SnwoSHIP Unit 2020

Reinventing the Cold Chain.

CryoLogistics is delivering a technology that allows shipping of perishable goods with precise temperature control from source to destination. Goods will be kept safe, secure and traceable throughout the supply chain while lowering the carbon footprint and supporting corporate goals and objectives.

  • Ship secure mixed temperature loads without a reefer
  • Real-time remote monitoring, data logging & traceability
  • Net zero carbon footprint

See Us in Action

Click the video to learn more about CryoLogistics and our revolutionary SnowSHIP™.

Take Control

Efficient. Reliable. Secure.

Temperature-sensitive shipments do not have to be complicated, costly or risky.

Reliable Control

Proprietary non-mechanical heat exchange system delivers precise temperature set points between -30°C and +8°C

Low Emissions

- Liquid CO2 reuse technology - Net zero carbon footprint - Zero NOx PM emissions or sound

Innovative Design

- Rugged, scalable and customizable - Highly efficient vacuum insulation - IoT enabled

The Science

SnowSHIP™ combines the natural cooling power of liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), high-efficiency insulation and an IoT-enabled digital control system for live monitoring.

A Greener Solution

Liquid carbon dioxide is used worldwide in the food and beverage, manufacturing and energy sectors. It is also a very effective natural refrigerant (R744) having a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an O-zone Depleting Potential of 0.

The Details

Designed in partnership with leading less-than-load (LTL) carriers, SnowSHIP™ is the first single pallet shipping solution that utilizes the cooling power of liquid CO2 to provide pin-point temperature control throughout the supply chain. SnowSHIP™ is the future of refrigerated transport.

Challenging the Status Quo Through Innovation & Science

At CryoLogistics we take time to understand your business and work with you to achieve your corporate goals and objectives. The science we have created is an investment in your success.

1. Prepare

Charge with liquid CO2

2. Set

Set desired temperature

3. Load

Load cargo

4. Ship

Safe & secure

5. Track

Track shipment

6. Report

Download trip report

Real-Time Tracking

Remotely monitor your shipment throughout the supply chain for location, load temperature, door openings and LCO2 consumption. 

Computer displaying CryoLogistics IoT Real-Time Tracking
"ColdStar is thrilled to be the industry partner for CryoLogistics. We have been working to develop the SnowSHIP™ container right from the beginning of this venture and see this technology as an important part of our green tech initiatives. We truly believe that this will be a tool for ColdStar and the Transportation Industry that will enhance Food Safe distribution to all market places. "
Kelly Hawes
CEO/Founder, ColdStar Solutions Inc.

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