Our Story

In the 1980’s the American Frozen Food Institute, a U.S. national trade association, asked for innovative refrigeration technologies that could benefit all segments of the frozen food industry. Our early design used carbon dioxide’s natural properties to provide exceptional cooling power to loads of frozen food aboard rail boxcars, transport trailers and intermodal containers.

Since then, we’ve re-engineered the system to make it more efficient and scalable, allowing it to better serve various industry segments. Our ongoing research and development is supported by both the transportation industry and the Canadian government.

CryoLogistics has grown to become a dynamic team of seasoned academic, engineering, business and industry professionals who are actively developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable solutions to the many challenges faced by the global cold chain industry.

Our Team

Peter M. Evans, MA
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Peter was a career RCMP officer who after retirement held a series of leadership positions in the commercial aviation, telecommunications and engineering sectors. He has a Masters Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management and possesses extensive knowledge and experience in team building and leadership. His expertise in critical infrastructure protection and security risk management has been sought by governments, crown corporations and companies across Canada. As an entrepreneur, Peter has co-founded three companies, Visionary Digital Inc., Enterprise Protection Associates Ltd. and CryoLogistics.   He launched CryoLogistics in 2013 to revolutionize the global cold chain industry with innovative technologies that will improve operating efficiencies, lower costs and reduce harmful GHG, noise and particulate matter emissions.

Jennifer Thompson, BA, MA (ECON)
Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer is a seasoned start-up executive, impact-focused angel investor and early-stage Board member. She has been a business mentor and Executive-in-Residence at Foresight Cleantech Accelerator, SFU Venture Connection and e@UBC, and manages a portfolio of early-stage hardware technology company investments at Hardware.City. Jennifer joined CryoLogistics as a Director and Chief Operating Officer in 2018.

Patric Ouellette, Ph.D, P.Eng.
Chief Technical Officer

Patric has joined us under contract as Chief Technology Officer. Patric was the longtime CTO at Westport Innovations where he oversaw the design and development of Westport’s clean fuel CNG and LNG engines (of which, coincidentally, Kelly Hawes, CEO of ColdStar Solutions – our first customer and testing partner – was an early adopter). His experience and technical skills are a huge addition to the team.

Will Spaulding, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng
Senior Research Engineer

Will is a mechanical engineer who has been a clean technology aficionado most of his life, installing his first wind-power generator on a farm near Hamilton ON in 1979. He is an accomplished systems designer, team leader and project manager whose experience ranges from designing HVAC and transportation systems to high-tech training devices for Olympic level athletes. Will was instrumental in developing the mechanical engineering technology program in the Applied Technology Department at Camosun College. He has taught fluids dynamics, CAD, numerical analysis, controls systems, thermodynamics and heat transfer, and systems design and mentored post-secondary students for over two decades. Meanwhile, his company, Firefly Labs has been providing technical consulting and solution design services to startups and established companies alike across the technology spectrum. Will has been leading CryoLogistics’ research and development team since early 2017.

Eldad Alber, B.Sc.
Lead Design Engineer

Eldad is a mechanical engineer with 12 years experience in mechanical design and project management with the focus on leading highly technical teams to deliver products and R&D deliverable on time, under budget and to spec. Eldad has successfully built and managed teams of +25 engineers and designers in fields such as Aerospace – Developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or Drones) for the purpose of testing novel airframes and propulsion configurations; Security – Developing automated 3D scanning X-Ray machine for large venues; Green Technology – Solar towers and solar parabolic through power plants. Graduating from a renowned University in Israel, Eldad is bringing the “Start-Up Nation” attitude into practice, driving target focused efforts infused with tight team communication style.

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