SnowSHIP™ Launches into Production

The Challenges of Temperature-Sensitive Vaccine Distribution

Peter Evans, CryoLogistics’ CEO, spoke with Gregor Craigie on CBC’s ‘On the Island with Gregor Craigie’, about the challenges of vaccine distribution and, in particular, the shipping billions of super-cooled COVID-19 vaccine doses. CLICK HERE to listen to the full … Read More

CryoLogistics COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

CryoLogistics May Play Vital Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

A Victoria clean-tech company is hoping to play a key role in the food and pharmaceutical supply chain — including the distribution of [a] COVID-19 vaccine — as it starts production next month of its temperature-controlled shipping units.   CryoLogistics … Read More

SnowSHIP Kamloops Truck Stop

SnowSHIP™ On Display at Kamloops Truck Stop

  KAMLOOPS — A Victoria company using a brand new refrigeration method has taken this opportunity to test their product on-site at the food truck location. Cryologistics Refrigeration Technologies initially envisioned their products for transportation. The cabinets use compressed CO2 … Read More