The perfect accessory for your SnowSHIP™ to make loading/unloading even easier.

*CryoRamp shown with SnowSHIP™

The Specifics

With the CryoRamp you can say 'goodbye' to hand-bombing! The CryoRamp is designed to allow you to load and unload your SnowSHIP™ with a manual or electric pallet jack, navigate those tricky loading docks and pesky curbs to make quick the most efficient delivery possible.


CryoRamp = 70 lbs Load capacity in lifted orientation = 1,100 lbs Load capacity in ramp orientation = 3,100 lbs

Easy to Move

Wheels allow for easy moving

Thin Profile

30" W x 60" L x 5.5" D


See the CryoRamp in action.