Problems breed opportunity

The logistical, environmental and economic challenges facing the cold chain industry are becoming increasingly problematic. Keeping high value temperature sensitive goods at their correct temperature throughout the cold chain is critical to product quality, value retention and consumer health. These are top of mind issues throughout the global cold chain; and therein lies opportunity.


Problem 1: Transport refrigeration equipment is complex and expensive.

Our Solution: Simplicity by Design

With no moving parts or power requirements, our system reduces purchase, operating and maintain costs.


Problem 2: Low return on equipment investment.

Our Solution: Mix Loads

Our modular units can carry pallet-loads of refrigerated product within a single conveyance, at separate temperature set points.


Problem 3: Emissions.

Our Solution: Put Nature to Work

Using carbon dioxide as a recycled source of bioenergy, our system is noiseless with a net-zero carbon footprint and zero particulate matter emissions.