Opportunity Knocks

The logistical, environmental and economic challenges facing the cold chain are having a negative effect on industry sustainability, and with that, food security for the ever-growing global population. Maintaining high value perishable goods at their correct temperatures throughout the cold chain is critical to product quality, consumer safety and affordability. Nearly 35% of all food product spoils before it reaches the consumer, due in part to poor temperature control. The cold chain isn’t coping well, which presents a technological challenge and an opportunity. We simply opened the door.

Problem 1: Transport refrigeration equipment is complex and expensive.

OUR SOLUTION: Simplicity by Design

With no moving parts or power input requirements, our system reduces equipment lifecycle costs and simply lasts longer.

Problem 2: Fossil Fuels & GHG Emissions.

OUR SOLUTION: Natural refrigerant

Carbon dioxide is a naturally abundant, efficient, economical, safe and stable alternative that is receiving widespread acceptance for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Problem 3: Low return on equipment investment.

OUR SOLUTION: Improved Optimization

Our scalable, modular units enable load at source and mixing autonomous pallet-units containing dry, refrigerated and frozen product within a single conveyance.

Problem 4: Poor temperature integrity.

OUR SOLUTION: Stable Setpoint Temperatures

Our units deliver exceptionally quick thermal pull down and stable set-point temperature control regardless of ambient conditions. Temperature excursion will be a thing of the past.