The logistical, environmental and economic challenges facing the cold chain are having a negative effect on industry sustainability, and with that, food security for the ever-growing global population. Maintaining high value perishable goods at their correct temperatures throughout the cold chain is critical to product quality, consumer safety and affordability. Over 35% of all food product spoils before it reaches the consumer, due in part to poor temperature control. The cold chain isn’t coping well, which presents a technological challenge and an opportunity. We simply opened the door.

CryoLogistics’ is passionate about developing innovative solutions that disrupt the transportation industry while also addressing the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. The U.N.’s Sustainable Goals are a series of targets adopted by world leaders to end all forms of poverty, inequalities as well as climate change, without leaving anyone behind by 2030. We pride ourselves on developing products that speak to 7 of these goals.