We are developing a commercially viable, passive, naturally refrigerated transport unit that will revolutionize the cold chain industry.

Customer & Product Development

We believe that customer’s have an important role in product development, so we’ve watched them, listened to them and worked with them to better understand the conditions they operate in. That effort has continuously informed the design of our pallet-scale non-electromechanical transport refrigeration unit. Those companies will soon be testing the units in the field and providing us with additional input to help us truly solve the problems they face. In answer to their need for efficiency, our units are being designed to facilitate source and mixing loads of refrigerated product with dry cargo aboard a single conveyance. And, by streamlining workflow, our units will increase flexibility and capacity within production, distribution and retail facilities without adding new infrastructure.

Industry Partners 

We are working with our industry partners to improve their operating and financial performance through efficiency. Whether it be by land, air or sea, we are taking the risk out of transporting high value temperature sensitive food and pharmaceutical product.

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