Customer & Product Development

We believe that the industry has an important role in product development, so we’ve gone out there to watch, listen and work alongside cold chain industry professionals to better understand the conditions they operate in. The single most important discovery has been that our innovation can streamline workflow and increase flexibility and capacity within production and distribution facilities without adding infrastructure. Our combined efforts are continuously informing the design of our products, which will soon be tested in the field by our pilot partners. With their help, we will evolve our system to meet the needs of other industry segments and customer applications.

Air, Sea & Rail

Each of these transportation segments has a unique set of challenges that influence its ability to deliver high value perishable product efficiently, safely and economically. We’ve deliberately designed our system to be adaptable to the various sizes, geometries, operating conditions and regulatory regimes within each of those segments. Once our beachhead has been established we will foray into each of these segments to extend the customer discovery process, learn about the problems and develop new solutions.


Think of it. A week at the campsite, or on the boat; in the RV; at the beach; at a mountain retreat. A lighter cooler with more space (no ice), controlled temperatures (to -30oC), long runtime (days), no puddles (it’s dry), no waste (no thaw), no trips for ice. All without power. Awesome!

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