The Cold Chain Reinvented.

SnowSHIP™ is the revolutionary shipping solution designed specifically for temperature-sensitive goods.

Efficient. Reliable. Secure.

Temperature-sensitive shipments don't have to be complicated, costly or risky.

Reliable Control

Innovative heat exchange system Temperature set point: -30°C - +5°C (-22°F - +41°F)

Low Emissions

Powered by liquid CO2 Net zero carbon footprint Zero NOx PM emissions or noise

Innovative Design

Rugged, scalable and customizable Thin-walled

The Details

Designed for the Less-Than-Load (LTL) transportation market, the SnowSHIP™ allows for pin-point temperature precision throughout the shipping cycle. Reduce your OpEx & CapEx, improve operating efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction by adopting the SnowSHIP™ into your supply chain.

        Outer Dimensions:        49″W x 59″L x 80″H

        Payload Dimensions:     40″W x 48″L x 58″H

        Tare Wt – No Tanks:       948 lbs

        Max Payload Weight:    4,000lbs

Coolant:     Liquid CO2

Ambient Temp. Range:    -30°C – +40°C ( -22°F – +104°F)

SnowSHIP™ Cooling Range:    -27°C (-16.6°F – Ambient)

Operating Duration*:        

   Set Point          Duration

 +5°C (41°F)      164.6 Hours
  0°C (32°F)       123.4 Hours
 -5°C (23°F)       98.8 Hours    
-10°C (14°F)      82.2 Hours
-20°C (-4°F)       61.6 Hours

*Based on 8 x 20lb CO2 Tanks. 20°C/68°F Ambient Temperature with a pre-conditioned load that remains sealed throughout shipping. 

SnowSHIP™ was designed to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals. The core technology is scalable and can be customized to suit your unique business needs.

Complicated Science, Easy To Use

We've done the leg work to master the science so you don't have to. In just a few quick steps your temperature-sensitive shipment can hit the road.

1. Charge

Charge with liquid CO2

2. Set

Set desired temperature

3. Load

Load up to a full pallet

4. Ship

Ship securely with peace of mind

5. Track

Track shipment to destination

6. Report

Download an in-depth trip report

The Science

SnowSHIP™ combines the cooling power of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), a natural refrigerant, with high-efficiency insulation and proprietary heat transfer and control systems.

A Greener Solution

Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of many industrial processes. SnowSHIP™ harnesses the natural, non-toxic and non-flammable properties of CO2 to provide cooling without the need for diesel.

Real-Time Tracking

Remotely monitor your SnowSHIP™ unit throughout transportation. Evaluate CO2 levels, check load-space temperature, view where your unit is via GPS, and ensure load integrity with door-opening alerts.

"There's no question SnowSHIP™ will become essential to our operation. It will allow us to optimize our routing, reduce claims and provide a higher quality service to our customers..."
Kelly Hawes
ColdStar Solutions Inc.

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