Frozen Shipments Without the Brain Freeze

Transporting frozen products doesn’t have to be a headache. With CryoLogistics, shipping LTL or mixed-load frozen, chilled and dry goods is simpler, cheaper and less risky. At CryoLogistics, we are developing a passive refrigeration system that is more reliable and environmentally friendly than any other shipping solution on the market. Using CryoLogistics proprietary technology, you will be able to ship a pallet in your own temperature controlled container powered by naturally sourced CO2 – no reefers needed!

CryoLogistics' Solves Major Transportation Problems

CryoLogistics' Solution

Simplicity by Design! With no moving parts or power input requirements, our system is cheaper to maintain and simply lasts longer.

CryoLogistics' Solution

Natural refrigerant. Carbon dioxide is a naturally abundant, efficient, economical, safe and stable alternative.

CryoLogistics' Solution

Improved Optimization. Our units enable a carrier to ship dry, refrigerated and frozen product with ease.

CryoLogistics' Solution

Stable Set-Point Temperatures. Our units are able to maintain stable set-point temperature control regardless of ambient conditions.

Why Choose CryoLogistics?

Lower Cost of Ownership

CryoLogistics is developing a naturally refrigerated, passive system that is durable, efficient and a more economical shipping solution.

Superior Temperature Security

Ship confidently as our system has zero temperature excursions.

Passive Technology

No moving parts means less breakdowns and easier maintenance.