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Request a complimentary field demo program and try a SnowSHIP™ in your operation!

SnwoSHIP Unit 2020

How a Field Demo Works

The team at CryoLogistics knows that experimenting with new technology, especially in a fast-paced industry, can be challenging. That is why we developed an efficient field demo program for your team to test and determine if SnowSHIP™ is a fit for your company. CryoLogistics’ will work directly with your senior management and operations team to define your requirements and program the demo to suit your organization’s needs, CryoLogistics will also assign a SnowSHIP™ technician to work with your team throughout the demo period. We are so confident in our SnowSHIP technology that we are offering it to you for field trials lasting up to two weeks free of charge.

No Cost

CryoLogistics will cover the SnowSHIP™ costs during your field demo

Low Risk

A CryoLogistics technician will be present to support the demo from start to finish

Comprehensive Analysis

CryoLogistics will collect, analyze and present a SnowSHIP™ performance report after the termination of the demo

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