Security Lock and Chain

How to Improve Your Load Security

Imagine you are the producer of a high-value temperature-sensitive product that needs to be shipped across the country. You send your precious product out there, knowing that not only will you lose control of it, but it will be handled many, many times as it passes along the supply chain. Each touch-point invites risks like temperature abuse, damage, contamination, theft and even counterfeiting your product. How do you guard against that and improve your load security?


  1. SnowSHIP’s IoT Capability Gives You Control
  2. How Do I Access The Information That SnowSHIP Sends Me?
  3. Improving Safety in the Cold Chain


SnowSHIP’s IoT Capability Gives You Control

One of the toughest pain points for businesses that ship is the inability to monitor your shipment. Amazon lets us track our personal packages, yet in the cold chain, while transport companies might have fleet tracking systems, shippers and receivers don’t have a reliable way to independently track their shipments. Transport companies don’t offer you, the shipper, a way to monitor the temperature or condition or location of your shipment in real-time.


But when you use SnowSHIP™, you can keep track of all those variables. SnowSHIP is equipped with state-of-the-art communications equipment and is configured to connect with cloud-based services that give you numerous options to track and trace your shipment in real-time.


That was a mouthful. Essentially, SnowSHIP’s IoT capability makes it a “smart” device—just as smart as that phone on your desk, the SUV in your garage or that Nest thermostat on your wall. Learn more about what IoT means here.


Every five minutes along its journey, SnowSHIP sends an update, communicated by cellular networks.


With near worldwide coverage available, you’ll be able to:


  • see where your shipment is.
  • monitor the temperature of the load space.
  • track SnowSHIP’s door openings.
  • monitor the SnowSHIP’s LCO2 consumption and battery levels.


If cell service is interrupted—like in the mountains—the SnowSHIP will log and transmit the data when it returns to cell coverage. As a matter of fact, SnowSHIP is always recording data. It’s kind of nerdy that way.



Want to learn more about how the SnowSHIP could make your temperature-sensitive shipping easier?

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How Do I Access The Information That SnowSHIP Sends Me?


SnowSHIP communicates by smartphone, email or online to your desktop or another smart device.


First, the online dashboard. It comes pre-formatted, but you can customize it to better suit your business requirements. The format can include icons with current operating data, historical data presented in charts, or reports derived from the data. Customizing your dashboard will help you improve your SnowSHIP’s experience over time, enabling you to track the parameters that best suit your needs and priorities. The dashboard helps you see what’s really working, so you can do more of it.


The built-in alert system will deliver error or warning messages. You can set alerts to be delivered via:


  • text message.
  • email; or
  • the online dashboard.

You can set your SnowSHIP to deliver alerts to a combination of the above interfaces, and you can also set it to alert multiple users. So, if you’re on the beach in Cabo and your SnowSHIP pings you from just outside Vegas to say its battery is low…well…you’ll know.


Your dispatcher, drivers or other personnel can also monitor the dashboard, receive messages and respond promptly. Doesn’t get any easier than that.


Improving Load Security in the Cold Chain


SnowSHIP’s IoT capacities improve product safety and security. It’s pretty tough to tamper with a pallet when it’s sealed inside—and every time the door opens, the shipper gets a notification. It’s tough to hide nefarious activity in those circumstances.


All this gives SnowSHIP its high marks in efficacy. Not only does it keep your product secure and cold within half a degree of what you set it at, it checks in every five minutes to let you know how everything is going!


Game-changer, right? SnowSHIP’s peace-of-mind features mean you can ship your good in the confidence that they’ll remain top shelf.

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