COVID 19 Pharma Distribution Challenges

The COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Challenge

CryoLogistics believes that our revolutionary SnowSHIP™ technology could play a key role in the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution challenge.

The Distribution Challenge

The national challenge is to manage and control the time-sensitive distribution of high value vaccines that require strict temperature control, precise inventory management, traceability and protection from theft and sabotage throughout the supply chain.

There are many challenges to the distribution of any product. Some of these pain points include:

Vaccine Distribution Challenge

  • Multiple touch points
  • Improper packaging & handling
  • Human error
  • Supply chain complexity
  • Capacity limits
  • Poor equipment maintenance
  • Lack of tracing capabilities
  • Unreliable temperature control
  • Fragmentation, delays and disruptions
  • Inadequate security


SnowSHIP™ Differentiators

The SnowSHIP™ is a single-pallet shipping solution that harnesses the natural cooling properties of liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and pairs it with robust vacuum insulated panels.

  • Natural refrigerant – CO2 reuse technology with onboard reservoir
  • Low emissions and noise – Zero NOx, particulate matter, and noise with a net-zero carbon footprint
  • Weight – 1,100 lb (tare) & 1,250 litre/1,800 lb capacity
  • Rugged & reusable – Exterior dimensions: 48”x 60”x 80”
  • Scalable & customizable
  • Set point temperatures: +8°C to -30°C with a ±0.5°C precision
  • Digitally connected: IoT enabled for remote monitoring
  • FastFILL – CryoLogistics’ fast, LCO2 re-fueling station can refill a SnowSHIP™ in 10 minutes
  • Long lasting – When fully loaded with LCO2 SnowSHIP™ can actively cool for up to 5 days
  • International utility patents pending

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How SnowSHIP™ Works

How SnowSHIP Works

  1. Using LCO2 waste gas collected from industrial processes compressed and stored in bulk tank to refill SnowSHIP reservoir
  2. The proprietary control software governs system operation
    • LCO2 injected into proprietary heat exchanger
  3. Becomes solid (dry ice) in a sealed chamber (heat sink)
  4. Programmed to the product’s specific temperature requirement


  • Ships within ±0.5oC of temperature set point
  • CO2 does not contact the product




IoT Enabled – Chain of Custody

SnowSHIP™ is IOT EnabledBenefits of IoT enabled technology:

  1. Traceability: geo-track your shipment and monitor load temperature, LCO2 consumption and ensure the unit is secure
  2. Customized: data logging & reporting to meet customer requirements
  3. Telemetry: real-time remote monitoring




The Status Quo vs. The SnowSHIP™

Conventional shipping logistics can see a product handled dozens of times throughout the supply chain. Each touchpoint could lead to temperature excursions and security challenges. With the SnowSHIP™, products can be shipped securely and can avoid all touch points throughout transport.

SnowSHIPTM reduces exchanges & touch points, improving product security and integrity


SnowSHIP™ Value Propositions

  • Lowers dependence on reefer equipped vehicles
  • Reduces labour & maintenance costs
  • Increases capacity and optimizes equipment utilization
  • Minimizes in-transit touch points
  • Improves route & scheduling logistics
  • Acts as temporary cold storage eliminating multi-trip deliveries to same location
  • Eliminates reliance on single-use thermal packaging
  • Secure, silent & net-zero carbon footprint
  • Guaranteed temperature integrity
  • Location tracking throughout the supply chain
  • Cellular telemetrics delivering real-time data to your central database
  • IoT enabled for remote monitoring from your desktop or handheld device


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