SnowSHIP™ Launches into Production

SnowSHIP™ Launches into Production

CryoLogistics Refrigeration Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the production launch of the SnowSHIP, their revolutionary refrigerated transport container. CryoLogistics, is a privately held BC-based cleantech company, developing innovative technologies for shipping high-value temperature-sensitive foods, pharmaceuticals and medicines through local, regional, national and global supply chains.

The SnowSHIP™ system is a vacuum insulated pallet-sized shipping container which re-uses carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes to maintain precise temperature control of food and other products between +8°C and -30°C for up to five days between refills of its onboard liquid CO2 reservoir. Carbon dioxide has been used as nature’s refrigerant for over one hundred years and because it is an industrial waste product, the SnowSHIP™ system has a net zero carbon footprint.

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Peter Evan, CryoLogistics CEO, stated “We are very excited about the launch of the SnowSHIPinto production”. Evans continues, “The SnowSHIP™ is game-changing technology that is being well received by industry.”

CryoLogistics is committed to reducing food and pharmaceutical spoilage and waste caused by temperature abuse in the supply chain thereby lowering the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of life for populations at home and abroad. The Company has signed manufacturing and supply agreements with several Canadian companies and intends to create new jobs by continuing the research and development of other innovative solutions for the world’s temperature-controlled supply chains.

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