SnowSHIP Kamloops Truck Stop

SnowSHIP™ On Display at Kamloops Truck Stop

KAMLOOPS — A Victoria company using a brand new refrigeration method has taken this opportunity to test their product on-site at the food truck location. Cryologistics Refrigeration Technologies initially envisioned their products for transportation. The cabinets use compressed CO2 gas to run. The units do not need electricity and can provide freezing and cooling for several days.

“When you’re out in an environment like this, obviously storage and power capabilities are a challenge,” John Cormier, the local rep for Cryologistics Refrigeration Technologies explained. “To be this green, and only be running with CO2 gas to keep the product — either high perishable freight or food frozen — in an environment like this, this is the technology for it.”

The company was supposed to begin manufacturing on these products later this spring. However, with COVID-19 having severe impacts on businesses throughout the province, they’ve been unable to do that. They’re using this as an opportunity to test the cabinets in a different application than they previously planned.“You end up learning a lot you didn’t know. It wasn’t designed to sit in a parking lot, but it absolutely shows it’s meeting those demands. With the high temperatures — you know, we’ve been hitting the high teens — it’s outside, it’s been running 24 hours a day. So yeah, it’s been giving us a huge opportunity to test it.”

Courtesy of: CFJC Today
Written by: Adam Donnelly

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